Marketing Research

Replicating Your Ideal Customers

In this Moment of Clarity I show you how to create an Ideal Customer Profile with a downloadable worksheet.

Everybody knows that 20% of customers provide the lion’s share of revenue.

The real question is how to replicate this 20%.

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Breaking Through the Shields. (Russian Brides, SPAM and Value)

In the last article we talked about how people have developed a defense mechanism to fend off the constant bombardment of marketing messages as a simple survival strategy.

To get through your buyer’s defense shield you must be invited in. The only way to be invited in is to answer the question “What’s in it for me?” (“me” being your potential customer).

There are only two ways to motivate someone to act. One is by force. The other is by demonstrating to them that the action you desire is in their best interest – that it fulfills a need or provides clear benefit to the customer. In marketing speak, we call call this “value”.

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Marketing. The World’s Oldest Profession.

I’m firing up the Clarity Marketing Support Hot Tub Time Machine to get a bird’s eye view of an issue that is at the core of business success – how you communicate with potential customers. While some of the tools have changed, the same core issue remains. Your success depends on your ability to reach customers.

In this week’s Moment of Clarity I take you back to a simpler time before Twitter, the Beatles, Henry Ford and penicillin.

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Why marketing guys suck and how to avoid this trap.

Marketing planning (even a little) can greatly reduce your risk when it comes to the time, treasure and talent you will invest in growing your company. Or at least that supposed to be how it works.

I talked to a friend the other day who said her company was desperately in need of creating a steady stream of opportunities. But they’ve been spending thousands churning through “marketing” guys that somehow didn’t make this happen.

I hear this almost every time I talk to a potential client. I think it sucks for them and I’m ashamed at some of the people in my industry. In this week’s Moment of Clarity I show you the real issue.

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Get Back Inside the Box.

I was sitting in a meeting the other day with a marketing manager. At the beginning of the meeting she stated that the goal of the process we were going to undertake was to “think outside the box”. This well-worn cliché used to refer to looking at a problem from a new perspective without preconceptions – i.e., using lateral thought processes to arrive at a solution to a problem.

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#occuppy Wallstreet. Classic Ready, Fire, Aim Strategy.

Regular readers may or may not have noticed I stay away from politics. I also don’t mention religion. And I sure don’t write about the place of religion in politics. But the #occupy protests over the last few weeks are just too juicy for me to ignore. Yummy, juicy, deliciously stupid. Uh oh. I said it. Stupid. “But, Pete…” you might say. “You live in Austin, TX. You’re gonna get fried for that comment”. Bring it people. I call it as I see it and I see stupidity. Here’s why.

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