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Clarity Marketing Support has analyzed over 100 marketing programs to understand what works for B2B in-bound lead generation. In this report we share our findings. 

A few years ago, we noticed that one hundred percent of potential clients told us the same sad story. Every one of them expressed deep disappointment in their effort to generate inbound, qualified sales leads. They were disillusioned and skeptical.

We had to find out why.

We spent hours combing through thousands of pages of materials, advertising, plans, web sites, recommendations, performance data and all kinds of “deliverables” from marketing firms, freelancers, internal teams, advertising agencies, web development firms and consultants.

In many cases we were able to interview the consultants and service providers to get their side of the story. We spent hundreds of hours with candid executive teams to answer two burning questions:

What is broken with our lead generation and how do we fix it? 

Of course, each situation was different, however, we immediately saw clear patterns that were consistent in both successful and unsuccessful programs.

In this short, executive report, we share what we learned including the five success factors that missing in 100% of broken marketing systems. 93% of the programs deemed “failures” violated at least four of these factors.

In this report, you will learn:

  • The single factor that defeated 100% of the sample companies
  • The concept you can use from the Marines to “supercharge” your lead generation
  • How a simple change in mindset directly impacts success or failure
  • How to break through confirmation bias and make better marketing decisions
  • How to dramatically lower risk with regard to marketing programs and investments

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