How to Resuscitate Your Sales Pipeline – 5 things you can do right now

This crisis has impacted essentially everything, revenue streams are grinding to a halt, people are making more on unemployment than at their jobs causing many retail businesses to be crimped because their employees won’t come back (wait until they find out unemployment ENDS!).

At the same time there is HUGE opportunity for those companies that understand that a market will always prevail. Things will come back. The real question is:

What are you doing right now to maximize your position when the flood gates open? 

My industry is quite busy and many others are too. Company leaders are looking at long ignored sales and marketing inefficiencies and using this time to bring their effort up to the next level.

In fact, we often are able to reduce the budget using our proprietary planning process MAPS™ the Marketing Action Planning System. We developed the system over the course of three decades working with some of the worlds biggest brands and some of the world’s least known, mom and pop shops.

MAPS™ is a lean, fast way to identify weaknesses, make decisions to correct them and have an executable plan in a format to which everyone on your team can refer to instantly know what is being done, by whom, costs, timing – everything at a glance.

We can help you emerge from this crisis fierce and ready to grab the competitive edge. Here’s an easy way to get started.

Book a Special 2 Hour Lightning Round Strategy Session with Pete Monfre – Pick your top challenge and we’ll use our rapid problem solving approach to provide you with a clear path forward. We’ll review any current materials you provide  and facilitate a structured, problem solving session for two hours minimum. At the end of this session, we will deliver clear next steps you can implement right away for only $595. Book it here:

You’ll see how we work and, while there is no obligation, we know a certain number of companies will like what they see and continue working with us. We can only do so much in two hours. (You’ll be astonished at how much ground we can cover). Our clients are committed to sound marketing and sales practices and growth. Let’s see if it makes sense to work together. Book a two hour session and let’s get started.

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