How We Work

CMS works with clients on a month to month, flat fee or on a project basis. Whether you need a confidant/advisor, someone affordable to run your sales and marketing function or just need a specialist to facilitate a one-time project or plan, we can help you increase your operational maturity in sales and marketing.

You Can Afford Big Time Experience

As a small business, we know too well the paradox of what you need versus what you can afford. Our approach delivers seasoned talent at a fraction of the costs of hiring someone. Even better, we pay for ourselves because we actually deliver on our promise to move you forward to your goals.

No Big Commitments

Our Advisory Services are offered on a month-to-month basis. If we don’t deliver, you can fire us at any time. We may even help you find someone who is a better match if we can. Our focus is on your success, whether you work with us or not.  We work hard up front to ensure we only work with clients whom we know we can help. We put long-term relationships ahead of short-term gains.

Sales and Marketing Coaching – Perfect for small enterprises and start-ups.

Our most affordable offering, our Sales and Marketing Coaching is part consulting, part pragmatic problem solving and part rolling up our sleeves. Each week you will jump on a call or video conference for an hour to work through your toughest challenges. Our approach is holistic in that we deliver advice across your operation with a focus on growth.

You’ll also get unlimited phone support in between regularly scheduled calls to get on demand advice, prepare for important sales calls or any other requests you may have.

Strategic Advisory Services – A high value option mid-sized companies.

The only job lonelier job than operating a lighthouse on Cape Cod is owning a company. It can feel like you have no one to turn to get objective, truthful advice. This level of services is for people who are serious about growth and affords us more time each month to dig in and find out what is holding you back and work with you to implement solutions.

This level of service is our highest value and most popular offering. Imagine a confidant, a wing man with decades of experience you can turn to and get objective feedback when you need it most. Not for the faint of heart, you can count on us to tell you the truth – no matter how ugly it may be. If you feel like you are surrounded by “yes men” – we should probably talk. Book a 30 minute call by clicking here.

Examples of work:

  • Private consultation and advice for leadership
  • Facilitating planning meetings and summits
  • Improving sales and marketing processes
  • Evaluating current sales and marketing approaches and teams
  • Training and mentoring internal teams
  • Selection and evaluation of vendors and new hires
  • And much more.

Virtual Sales and Marketing V.P. – An affordable option for large companies to instantly increase operational maturity in customer acquisition.

For the right clients, this level of relationship is a windfall of ROI. If you are having trouble finding affordable, top sales and marketing talent, this option may be ideal for you. Our expertise combines a deep understanding of traditional and digital marketing with extensive sales management expertise bringing sales and marketing together at last.

We’ll start by creating or updating your marketing and sales plans. Then, just like a full on hire, we’ll work relentlessly to drive these plans to achieve your goals. We are nuts for metrics and don’t shy away from challenges. Because our fees are less than half the average salary of hiring, you’ll be starting out on good footing. As we improve your sales and marketing processes, you will will see immediate gains and a return on your investment in as little as 60 days.

It Starts With a No-Obligation Call

Let’s see if we are a match. Book a 30 minute call by clicking here.

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