4 Hour Sales and Marketing B2B Roadmap

You need more revenue yesterday but don’t know where to start. And you can’t afford to get it wrong. Before you spend thousands of dollars, let’s make a roadmap.

Move Forward. Right Now.

But how? Meetings on the topic become a battlefield of opinion with each person at the table arguing their position. Round and round it goes while valuable time slips away and opportunities are lost.

And so it goes on. And nothing happens.

It’s a frustrating and expensive exercise that never seems to produce real results. Many companies just give up and stay with the status quo because it is the path of least resistance. If you are locked in a cycle of analysis paralysis, you are not alone. The sheer complexity of today’s market place can easily be overwhelming. You need a system.

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How can you learn about my business and challenges in just four hours?

The truth is, it’s not unusual to see what’s holding a client back within just a couple hours of discovery. This is because we have completed thousands of assignments for hundreds of companies. This experience allows us to spot roadblocks fast. We may not solve every problem you have, but we guarantee we will move you forward and deliver a clear path. There isn’t a problem we haven’t seen. And if we run into one, we have a team of specialized experts that can untangle any challenge you might face.

Can you handle the truth? Our job is to tell it, always.

Running a company is a lonely job. As a leader, you have to show absolute confidence – it’s hard to ask for help from employees or other executives within your organization without looking unsure. More likely than not, you are surrounded by “yes men” – people who “handle” you instead of telling you what’s really happening for fear of losing their job. For many clients, we are the first people to tell them the truth – then offer straightforward ways to move forward.

Take the first step. It costs nothing. Nada. Zero.

Schedule a 30 minute call by Clicking Here. During this call, we will ask questions to get a sense of your specific circumstances. Of course, we’ll answer any questions you might have and at the end of this call, you can decide if taking any next steps makes sense for you.

The Four Hour Sales and Marketing Roadmap workshop is simple and fast.

  • Before the session we review any information (plans, research, marketing materials, sales decks, etc.).
  • Next, we schedule a half day work shop (or two days depending on your schedule) where we’ll facilitate an intense analysis of where you are, where you are going and where you want to be by when. We’ll ask about what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, and more.
  • After this session, we deliver specific, written recommendations you can use immediately to move forward. With or without us.

Normally $3,500. Book before April 30th and save $1,000.00. Now only $2,500.00.

Think about how much inaction is costing you. Not just endless meetings, but the cost of lost opportunities. For a tiny fraction of what you are bleeding, you can get past roadblocks and have a clear path forward.

The Guarantee

If we don’t meet our obligation to provide you with clear next steps, we will refund your money. You literally have nothing to lose. This may be the most valuable 4 hours you’ve spent working on your business in years.

Let’s get to work.