CONQUER™ Competitive Analysis

No-secrets-headerReal time analysis of your top three competitors.

The Conquer™ competitive context analysis digs deep into your competitive environment, putting you in the fight against your top three competitors. Then Clarity’s proprietary evaluation and scoring algorithm shows you exactly how to gain the upper hand.

What is CONQUER™?

CONQUER is package of services to help you gain advantage over your competition and show you how to differentiate your offerings, exploit competitor weaknesses and win more deals. Clarity Marketing Support’s unique scoring system shows you how your company ranks in relation to competition on twenty different success attributes.

“Poor firms ignore their competitors; average firms copy their competitors; winning firms lead their competitors.” ~ Philip Kotler

Right now, as you read this, there are companies vying for your customers money. These competitors are knocking on doors, they are adapting to the market and they are taking revenue out of your pocket.

If you want to win more than your fair share of deals, you must have a clear competitive advantage.

  • Do you know how your competitors are succeeding?
  • Do you know what their weaknesses are?
  • Do you really know how you stack up against these competitors?
  • Are you doing what it takes to win?

Identify and exploit your competitors’ weaknesses for decisive victory.

CONQUER™ delivers the insight you need to stay ahead and out-maneuver your competition. Whether you are creating or updating your business plan, pushing for growth in a crowded market or introducing a new product; CONQUER gives you current, detailed information to lower your risks and focus on high impact tactics that exploit competitor weaknesses.

From information to intelligence.

Information by itself is of limited value. Only when this information is assimilated and correlated does it become actionable intelligence and insight.

Over the course of thousands of assignments, we’ve learned how to quickly connect the dots to deliver objective insight and recommendations to help you seize the competitive advantage.

The Clarity Score™ See how you rank against your top competitors on 20 Marketing Success Attributes.

clarity-scoreClarity Marketing Support’s proprietary scoring algorithm gives you insight based on 20 customized success attributes. You will be able to drill down and compare your company’s score with your top competitors and immediately see where you can create competitive advantages.

Scoring critera include:

  • Clear positioning strategy
  • Professional copy
  • Integration of images and message
  • Participation in trade events
  • Use of conversion incentives
  • Social media traction
  • And many more.

How it works.

Together we will identify your top three competitors. Because we need to maintain complete objectivity, we ask you share very little about your company.

Next, using proprietary databases and advanced search techniques, we reach deep into the market to uncover:

  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Message and methods
  • Sales promotion, incentives, distribution
  • Product claims, offers and tactics
  • Unique selling proposition and offering
  • Web traffic and social media coverage
  • Public relations activity and coverage
  • And much more

Our team of experienced strategists analyze and assimilate the information to provide highly specific insight into how you can create competitive advantages.  These recommendations and insights will be documented and delivered to you and/or your team with a personal review.

Have a question?  Contact Pete Monfre for details.