The Scalable Executive™

Clarity Marketing Support delivers marketing leadership at a fraction of the cost of a direct hire. We bring world-class strategy, creativity and execution expertise to growing companies.

Up your game. Right now.

What if you could work with an experienced team with a proven track record for a fraction of the cost of hiring just one person in-house?And what if you could have that up and running immediately? And what if they knew sales process too? Would you jump on a thirty minute call? I would.

Get instantaneous marketing expertise for your organization by engaging Clarity Marketing Support.  We will be completely focused on marketing and sales and bring the combined experience  from hundreds of clients. If there’s a marketing and sales problem out there, chances are, we’ve seen it and solved it.

Our experience and process helps us get up and running immediately. From the first meeting, you will know if our unique approach works for you.

  • Have you wasted enough money on marketing activities that simply don’t work?
  • Are you tired of “throwing stuff out there and seeing what sticks”?
  • Is it time to get serious about lead generation?


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From helping the a famous motorcycle manufacturer launch a new bike and putting a major GURD drug in every doctor’s office in America to driving 200% growth for a software company and bringing a cardiac workstation to market and beyond, for twenty nine years we have helped teams and leaders make make better marketing decisions. We work lean and bring a fresh, objective perspective to your growing enterprise.

In other words, we tell it like it is, we do what we say and show you the results.

Our proven process has been developed over three decades working with clients in the business services, technology, manufacturing, medical device, software, industrial, media and education industries. For a full list of industry expertise click here.

Clarity engages with clients just like a top marketing officer:

  • Assist in decision making
  • Identify problems and issues impacting growth
  • Assist in recommending solutions (strategic, creative, tactical)
  • Provide sales coaching and process development
  • Deliver objective advice and input
  • Evaluate marketing initiatives and recommend improvements
  • Assist in vendor selection and management
  • Provide ongoing analysis

More experience at a fraction of the cost of a direct hire.

An experienced marketing person will cost between $183K – $244K with benefits per year according to Add to that the costs of taxes, recruiting fees and the long, slow training ramp and you’ve got a major fixed fee increase. Don’t forget equipment and facilities cost. Most small and growing businesses are simply priced out of the market for good, proven talent and resort to interns and recent college graduates.

And then they wonder why their marketing effort doesn’t pay off.

Do the Math: Clarity Marketing Support delivers more value and better work than an employee at a fraction of the cost.

With Clarity’s Scalable Executive, you don’t pay for recruiting, training, facilities, equipment, software, social security, retirement, pensions, healthcare or benefits. For a predictable flat fee, you get an team of top marketing officers all laser focused on your business.

For less than the cost of one person, you get an entire marketing team.

The Scalable Executive is a team of experienced people who move clients forward, fast. More than marketing experts, our team is highly experienced in delivering real value to clients as advisors, mentors and leaders. We bring an objective, experienced voice to your team with a healthy balance of sales knowledge to help shepherd leads through the funnel and into your bank.

Scalability is our secret weapon.

You can leverage the Scalable Executive for as little as $3,500 per month. Whether you simply want on-demand advice or need to spin up an entire marketing department, Clarity Marketing Support brings proven, professional sales and marketing experience to your enterprise.

It starts with a conversation. We are always available to help determine the best way to solve your marketing problems – whether you work with us or not.

Why not schedule a short call to see if the Scalable Executive™ might work for you? It might be the most profitable 30 minutes you’ve spent in years.