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  • The Cold, Hard Truth About Viral Marketing - December 26, 2020

    It seems every month I get an inquiry from a potential client who is interested in doing “something viral”. I won’t take their money and here’s why.

  • Worst Business Emails Ever. Why Email Marketing Doesn’t Work. - August 17, 2020

    (Hint: You are doing it wrong) In this short video I tear up a handful of real emails I received and I show no mercy.

  • How to Resuscitate Your Sales Pipeline – 5 things you can do right now - April 17, 2020

    There is HUGE opportunity for those companies that understand that demand for most products and services doesn’t disappear over night. Things will come back. The real question is:

    What are you doing right now to maximize your position when the flood gates re-open? 

  • Download Referral One Sheet Template - February 5, 2020

    When I hear someone say that referrals are what drives their business, I often ask if they use “Networking” as a business development tactic. Often they are fairly active in some form of networking but not seeing any real business impact unless you are measuring in waistline diameter from hundreds of coffee shop meetings.

  • Your Brand Should Be Putting Bread In Your Pocket MOC #023 - June 13, 2019

    In this Moment of Clarity I share some of the secrets of creating brand equity – actual dollars from your brand. I’ll also reveal the hidden secrets of white bread.

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