B2B People, Read This Book

I recently dug this up from an old collection of books I keep for some reason although that reason has long escaped me. (I don’t remember setting out to be a library nor do I consider myself some kind of creepy bookworm. )

There are a number of books that have helped me sort out how B2B companies go-to-market and how marketing should work but Ogilvy On Advertising is easily one of the best.

“Now wait a second, Pete. That book is about advertising – that’s different from marketing”, you will probably say to yourself as if I can hear you (I can’t). Clearly marketing and advertising are different disciplines – if you don’t think so, call me right now and I’ll straighten you out. Once you get the book, you’ll protest, “This is for big consumer brands – not for my (insert small company here) business.”. But you’d be wrong. Wrong, Wrongo, Dead wronger.

The principles and ideas in this book are the keystones to effective marketing (and advertising). Ultimately producing a great ad is the manifestation of what we want marketing to do – cut through the noise, engage the cognition of buyers and motivate someone to act. Advertising isn’t the only way to do this but it makes a great example of how to apply the principles.

All you really have to read is chapter two which outlines the basic process to do great marketing – know your customers, create a solid position and stick with it, know your brand and don’t confuse it with your position, have a big idea, ditch the committee, write great copy and more.

You don’t have to do what I say. You can keep going hiring marketing and ad guys that are all “creativity” and no “critical thinking”. Or you can buy this book and learn from a master. Oh, and beware the topless models on pages 26-29. I’m thinking that ad campaign really worked.

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