Book an exploratory call with Pete Monfre if you:

  • Are frustrated that you are not seeing enough new opportunities;
  • Are aggravated  that you are throwing your money away on marketing and sales programs that don’t meet muster;
  • Are concerned that your message doesn’t convey your company, product or service’s true value;

I won’t waste your time trying to sell you something on this 30 minute call. Instead, my only goal is to see if our methods and approach can force multiply what you are already doing.

That’s it. If not, we’ll know and part as friends. If so, we’ll figure out what to do next. It’s that simple.

Click Here to book yourself on Pete’s calendar.

We can help:

  • Integrate sales and marketing functions
  • Improve operational maturity in sales
  • Increase your close rate while decreasing the sales cycle
  • Simplify your message for maximum impact
  • Gain competitive advantages through innovative intelligence gathering
  • Improve KPI’s in Search and paid advertising
  • and more.

My expertise spans advanced B2B sales AND marketing. Yes, I’m a unicorn.

What if you could bring sales and marketing teams together to force multiply their efforts and create a 360° feedback loop? Success would mean lower costs, better numbers and predictable growth.

I’ve been doing this for small and large companies for 30 years.  I’m an expert at facilitating leadership and teams. My process is proven over thousands of implementations for hundreds of clients.

But it doesn’t work for everyone.

We work with companies that have at least $2m in revenues, sell B2B services or products and are already investing in growth. Not all of our clients are performing poorly – most want to accelerate growth and reduce costs. Our pragmatic approach speeds decision making, brings teams together and moves the company forward.

Click Here to book yourself on Pete’s calendar.

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