BuildSong Session Creative Team Building

BuildSong is a team workshop using applied creativity to bring people together to reach a seemingly unattainable goal: employees (no musical ability needed) write and record a professional song – on site or at an Austin recording studio. The BuildSong Session shows teams they can achieve far more than they believe and that anything is possible.

This original song was written by a team with no prior musical experience at a Buildsong Session

“ Music reaches down to the very root of the psyche. We use music as a tool to show teams how to perform beyond their self limiting perceptions.” ~ Mark Epstein BuildSong Founder

Meet your Producer, Mark Epstein

Mark is known as one of the best bassists in the business hailing from his roots in the New York jazz scene and as a long time bassist for blues legend Johnny Winter. He’s also worked with many many clients in a variety of industries including IBM, Random House, Union Carbide, HBO, ABC, Orion Pictures, Yale University, AT&T and more. Epstein has produced for Virgin Records, EMI REcords and ESPN and worked with artists including Johnny Winter, Willie Nelson, Dr. John, Taj Mahal and too many more to list.

Mark has been pulling together teams of smart, creative people for over 30 years. His principles, called The Creative Environment is a collaborative process that brings teams together to produce specific outputs. In the case of the BuildSong™ Session, that output is to write and record a professional song together.

Not your Grandfather’s Team Building Workshop. BuildSong is Pure Austin.

The BuildSong Session is perfect for companies that want to foster creative, collaborative teams. It’s a refreshing option for organizations that host regular team building exercises and programs or are creating new teams. You’ll receive a professional recording of the song your team writes. This recording lives on long after the Session and lets teams relive the experience anytime they need inspiration.  for the team.

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    “I have nothing but great takeaways from my songwriting workshop with Mark. Our group bonded over a shared experience that brought us together from across the world. Music was the perfect tool for us to build on our collaborative relationships. It’s a great bonding activity for colleagues and I encourage all to give it a try!” ~ Cristy Jamison Touchpoint Communications

    How it works:

    Sessions are held at a professional recording studio or on-site using mobile gear. The result is a professionally recorded, original song co-written by your team.

    • Collaboratively write and record an original song.
    • Team directs all creative choices including lyrics and music genre.
    • All have the option of performing on the recording or not.
    • The team has input on all phases of production.
    • BuildSong delivers finished recording in digital format or CD complete with custom graphics (additional charges apply)
    Zoom 3hr SessionOn-site Half Day SessionOff-site 1/2 Day SessionOff-site Full Day Session
    At your officeAustin Recording StudioAustin Recording Studio
    3-6 people (additional team members $299 ea.)3-6 people (additional team members $299 ea.)3-6 people (additional team members $299 ea.)3-10 people (additional team members $299 ea.)
    Audio track MP3Audio track MP3Audio track MP3Audio track MP3
    Video (Optional)

    Conference and Large Group BuildSong Session – By Quote
    We’ve had BuildSong Sessions in as little as 30 minutes for groups as large as 100 people. Click here to inquire about having a BuildSong Session at your next conference or large event.

    *additional people can be added for $350 each.

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