Creativity: Thy Name is Powerhouse

I get a lot of promotional emails in my inbox. I know, you’re stunned. You know the kind – “We are the best.” “You can’t survive without us.” “Viagra!”. Like you, I’m like a ninja with the delete key, tossing these zero value missives into the trash can like Rosie O’Donnell tosses cheeseburgers down her gullet. But today, some of my faith in the power of email was restored! My friends over at Powerhouse Animation poked my brain with a delightful, hilarious, snide and perfectly executed little promo that shows what can be done with the medium – and reminds us that we shouldn’t take ourselves (or our marketing) too seriously. We need to have some fun. Push it a little. And seriously kick ass when it comes to execution.

Let’s break it down, shall we?

The first thing I got was the email. emailPerfectly in tune with the company’s brand and sense of humor, I couldn’t resist to click the link to “see what I was in for”.

Next, I arrived at the landing page on the company’s web site.

web page

Very funny. I’m already laughing and engaged. Do you think I could resist clicking through to watch the video? My mouse button finger was quivering with anticipation. I clicked.

You’ll need to click here to see the video. Leave a comment and tell me what you think. (Don’t view with a mouthful of coffee unless you’ll be replacing your computer soon anyway.).

Was it awesome? Did it make you feel like these guys are amazing at what they do? Do you like them (or more accurately, does their brand resonate?) Did they cheap out and do the minimum? Or did they invest in something great, rock your face off and get your attention?

I’m betting they’ll be having some fantastic meetings over pastries in San Francisco.


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