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Qualified leads are the lifeblood of your business. Why is it so difficult to drive opportunities?

We see this situation play out over and over again.  Companies start to realize they need “marketing” and they start spending money on web sites, SEO, advertising, email marketing, social media and more.

And they end up disappointed at the results. We hear these things all the time:

  • “We tried email marketing but it didn’t work for us.”

  • “We spent big bucks on digital marketing and it was a total bust.”

  • “Our web site brings in exactly zero new business.”

We had to find out why companies where spending tens of thousands on “marketing” tactics, but nothing was working for them. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

In this report we share exclusive research that shows the make or break factors in B2B lead generation

We spent months combing through thousands of pages of materials, advertising, plans, web sites, recommendations, performance data and all kinds of “deliverables” from marketing firms, freelancers, internal teams, advertising agencies, web development firms and consultants.

In many cases we were able to interview the consultants and service providers to get their side of the story. We spent hundreds of hours with candid executive teams to answer two burning questions:

  • Why are we continually disappointed with our marketing efforts?
  • How can we produce a steady stream of high quality leads for our business?

Our research found that the failed marketing efforts all shared common characteristics. And, like the elephant in the room, they were obvious.

Our work tells our story:

We helped an insurance broker go from zero leads to over 80 per month during COVID

We developed the systems to enable a software company to improve conversion by 120%

Our process helped a construction company add $6.3m in incremental revenues in 24 months

In this report, we share how we do it. 

In simple, easy to understand language, we share:

  • The single, most important factor for B2B lead generation
  • The concept you can use from the Marines to “supercharge” your lead generation
  • How a simple change in mindset can change everything
  • How to unlock what your customers are thinking
  • How to identify competitors’ weaknesses and exploit them to your advantage
  • How to dramatically lower risk and reduce costs

This Executive Report contains zero fluff. It shares exactly what you need to do to transform marketing from an aggravating expense to a lucrative investment.

For thirty years we have turned around failing or under performing marketing programs for hundreds of clients. From insurance giants and household names to manufacturers, consulting firms and family businesses, our approach has generated billions of dollars for our clients.

This is information no marketing firm or advertising agency will ever share with you. You will see that the answer is not complex, doesn’t require huge budgets and works 100% of the time.

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