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Use this guide to identify where you are now, where you’re going and what to do every step of the way from a marketing perspective. Free Special Report Download

Life travels through cycles. Trends, businesses, products, services, employees, issues and everyday life seem to go through various cycles and phases. Taking the time to recognize where your organization is with respect to the life cycle of your products or services is a healthy way to re-invent yourself, grow or mature gracefully.

This MAP’s purpose is to get employees and management teams thinking about and discussing together, where they’re located on the product or service life cycle, and to start planning how to move forward successfully.

Ask your employees first, then your customers and finally your management team to plot the organization’s position on the Market Life Cycle map. Then do the same for either your products or services.

Experience has taught us that many companies find significant differences when they ask customers and others for input in this process.

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