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Median CMO salary

Do the Math: Clarity provides more experience for less.

According to, the U.S. National median base salary for a top Marketing Executive is $213,634.00. Add a benefits package and this cost soars to $344,466.00 per year. This doesn’t include the cost of bonuses or facilities. Director level employees earn over $183,000.00.

Most small and growing businesses are simply priced out of the market for experienced, proven talent.

Clarity Marketing Support solves this problem for a fraction of the cost of hiring dedicated employees.

With Clarity, you don’t pay for equipment, software, social security, retirement, pensions, healthcare or benefits. We deliver the same results as a highly experienced, full time hire for a flat, monthly fee that is one-third the cost of a similarly qualified direct hire.

Middle market companies simply don’t need a full time marketing executive.

Of course, a direct hire will somehow fill forty hours a week with activity. That’s human nature. But in our thirty years of experience running marketing functions for clients, much of that time is waste. It is because of this broad and deep experience that we get twice the amount of work done in half the amount of time.

We couldn’t stay in business for three decades if we worked at the usual pace – after all, we don’t get paid until we make things happen.

Why hire a junior level person when you can get C-level results for the same cost? 

Today there is little barrier to entry in the marketing industry. Anyone can print some business cards, buy a laptop and declare themselves a “marketing” person. It’s a risky environment for mid-sized companies that can’t afford to get it wrong. Clarity Marketing Support has a 25 year record of success with clients ranging from mom and pop regional companies to international category leaders and brands that are household names.

Whether these goals are increasing the number and quality of incoming opportunities, effectively communicating the company’s value to potential investors, opening new markets or launching new products, chances are we’ve solved similar problems for similar clients.

How We Work

  1. Working closely with your executive, marketing and sales teams, we quickly get up to speed on what makes your business tick. Using our proprietary MAPS™ framework, we rapidly and systematically analyze every aspect of your company’s operations, marketing efforts, sales process and much more to identify obstacles, opportunities and breakthrough approaches.
  2. Together, we perform a Gap Analysis to identify gaps in people, processes and information that may be holding the company back. These Critical Questions are prioritized and categorized.
  3. We reach outside the organization to close these gaps and bring fresh, objective perspective to the decision making process.
  4. Based on this information we develop and implement Marketing Action Plans with clear time-frames, goals and milestones.
  5. We implement, measure and execute the strategy.

So What’s the Catch?

Because we are dedicated to a high level of service, we can only work with a small number of clients. Typically we support 2-3 organizations in any given year. However, we are always available to help determine the best way to solve your marketing problems – whether you work with us or not.


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