Five Signs Your Marketing Person is Full of Shit

It’s easy to go wrong when you are looking for marketing help. Here’s some clues that your marketing person or firm might not be all that and a bag of chips.

Your marketing person is more focused on the logo and colors than how a sale gets made.
This usually happens when the firm in question’s business model depends upon making logos and related stuff. Their goal is to make stuff – not solve your problems.

They can’t demonstrate a clear process with regard to how they work to solve client problems.
Good marketing is all about process. We see it more as systems engineering than a “creative” function. “Seat of the pants” and “sound marketing” are opposing ideas.

They tell you you should be doing blogging, social media, email and PR – before they’ve done any discovery on your company.
This is like having the receptionist tell you the remedy before you’ve even talked to the doctor. Chances are they make their money doing “blogging, social media, email and PR” – every problem looks like a nail to them.

They run screaming from KPI’s and metrics that measure their results.
Good marketing folk start talking about KPI’s from the get go. If your marketing firm or person seems a bit squishy on the details of performance, that’s probably because they don’t perform.

They don’t have a formal marketing background.
The truth is, anyone can wake up one day (usually the day after losing their job) and say “I’m a marketing thingy!” However, marketing is profession that takes schooling, real world experience and a mastery of the left and right brains to deliver the goods. Because someone was a good journalist, doesn’t not mean they know a thing about marketing.

I’ve learned these lessons over many years of working with clients that have been disappointed with their marketing efforts. Much of the problem is with the client but the marketing industry is also to blame. “Marketing” is an over-used term that is often misused, confused and certain to mystify companies into spending money building web sites and tweaking logos – when they really should be working on strategy.





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