Meet Jon. The Brain’s Gatekeeper.

In this week’s moment of Clarity I share some brain science and elaborate on how to get people’s attention with your marketing efforts.
I also make fun of hipsters. Win/win.

The human brain is often compared to some sort of super-duper computer but actually, it’s very different from a computer.

If you feed a program into a computer, it will execute that program. It doesn’t decide to execute it – it does it. You don’t have to get the computer’s attention first.

And that is what is different about the human brain. If you want to reach and motivate people, you must first get past the brain’s gatekeeper. Let’s call him Jon.

Jon is like a really dumb, myopic receptionist with ADD. He doesn’t make the decision to buy but he has the power to keep your message from getting through to the brain’s higher decision centers.

If you want Jon to pass your message on, you’ll need to keep it simple, make it relevant and be tenacious. Or Jon will ignore you and your message.
Don’t confuse Jon with unnecessary details. I recently reviewed a company’s web site and clicked on a button that said “view our value proposition”. It downloaded a 32 page PDF.

That’s too much detail. Your value proposition should be a single sentence.
Jon is a simpleton and also doesn’t care about anything but Jon. Your message needs to appeal to his most basic emotions and problems to be relevant.

Finally be tenacious. Jon has a very short memory. He needs to see your message many times before he takes action. Too often, companies think they can create opportunities with a single touch.

It simply doesn’t work that way. In the old days, it was believed that you needed to touch someone at least 7 times before they took action. I’d say from my experience that number is even higher – perhaps more than a dozen times.

These initial touches must be simple and to the point – or Jon will glaze over and move on to more important things.

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