Getting Naked at First Meeting. Is It Wrong?

I made a new business contact about three weeks ago. All of our interaction has been by phone thus far. I’m very impressed with her – she’s smart, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable in her field. We decide to set up a meeting so I can get a better idea of how I might be able to refer business and generally get acquainted.

The next thing I know, I’m naked and laying on a table.

At the time, it didn’t seem that strange to me but now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve ever stripped out of my clothes at a first meeting. Maybe the third or fourth meeting but this seemed like we were moving too fast.

The strangest part was that our conversation was exactly the same as what you might overhear at a Starbucks on any given Tuesday morning. Soft music was playing and the lights were dim, it was one of the better meetings I’ve had in a long time.

OK, I’ll let you in on it. My meeting was with a very talented massage therapist who graciously offered to do some work on my train wreck of a spinal cord. She is fantastic and one of the most generous, “pay it forward” types of people I’ve ever met. Check her web site here:

I write about being authentic and do my best to live by my belief that authenticity is really what makes relationships (business and personal) work. And let me tell you – it’s hard not to be authentic when you can’t hide behind a suit or as I prefer, a baggy golf shirt.

I look forward to adding Brandi to my list of friends and will actively look for ways I can return the favor. After all, I need to keep her on my side because she knows exactly how fat I am, that I haven’t seen the sun since 1978 and that I have the skeletal system of a 90 year old woman.

Now THAT is authenticity.

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