The Beginning

Pete Monfre and Heidi Acott met in Milwaukee in 1989. Both had made their way to the city from small towns in Wyoming and Wisconsin respectively. They found they both had a passion for design and communications and started a home-based design firm in 1990. By 1993, Monfre-Acott Design outgrew it’s humble studio and moved to a 2,000 square foot office in downtown Milwaukee.

The firm became known as a leader in interactive design and by 1995 revenues topped $3 million in fees. With 15 of the best designers, strategists and programmers in the area, Monfre-Acott won accounts with major clients including Rockwell, ABB Industrial Systems, Abbott Laboratories, Eaton and Harley Davidson.

In 1996 the firm changed it’s name to Monfre-Acott Marketing Communications to focus on data-driven marketing. The firm continued to maintain an in-house team of creatives and strategists with Pete Monfre as CEO and Heidi Acott as Creative Director. The company continued to grow and win clients in health care and business services including Ministry Healthcare, Froedert Hospital, Northwestern Mutual, All Saints Healthcare, State Farm and many others. In 1998, Pete Monfre and Heidi Acott were married. In 2000 they had their first and only child, a son named Enzo.

The events of September 11, 2001 had a significant negative impact on the company’s revenue. At the same time, Ms. Acott was diagnosed with cancer. Together they made the difficult decision to change the course of the business to focus on family and to create a new business model that reflected the new market conditions and technological capabilities brought forth by the Internet.

The New Beginning

By 2003, Heidi had fully recovered and together they founded Clarity Marketing Support, Inc. a boutique marketing services firm that offered the same levels of support and expertise but in a new, leaner model. Working virtually with clients around the country, and leveraging technology, the firm quickly realized higher levels of service and more competitive fee structures by eliminating full time employees and fixed facilities.

In 2006, this new freedom allowed the company to act on a long awaited desire to relocate to Austin, Texas. Clarity Marketing Support continues to provide a limited number of clients with superior service, high levels of creativity and hard won expertise. With a focus on helping companies discover, understand and speak to the hearts of their target audiences, Clarity is known for its ability to connect the dots and execute on the clients vision.

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