How We Work

CMS works with clients on a month to month, flat fee or on a project basis. Whether you need a confidant/advisor, someone affordable to run your sales and marketing function or just need a specialist to facilitate a one-time project or plan, we can help you increase your operational maturity in sales and marketing.

You Can Afford Big Time Experience

As a small business, we know too well the paradox of what you need versus what you can afford. Our approach delivers high value at affordable fees.  Most of our clients utilize us for only 10-20 hours per month or for specifically defined projects others pay a flat monthly fee and we take responsibility for driving deals.  We solve problems fast. This ain’t our first rodeo.

What works best for you?

We work in a variety of capacities from flat fee projects to monthly fees, hourly or a combination of these approaches.

Examples of work:

  • Ongoing private consultation and advice for leadership
  • Marketing sales process auditing and improvement
  • Strategy workshops for teams
  • Developing and improving prospecting plans and processes
  • Marketing communications, campaigns and promotion
  • Public relations
  • Social media and digital strategy and implementation
  • Branding, corporate identity and logo development
  • Digital marketing and advertising programs and measurement

It Starts With a No-Obligation Call

Let’s see if we are a match. Book a 30 minute call by clicking here.

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