LinkedIn Goes All-In on B2B Video

A really good development from LinkedIn for advertisers. We think it was one of the key missing links from the platform.

As a B2B marketer, capturing your audience’s attention has never been harder. While video is a proven and popular tactic to engage decision-makers, the challenge has been finding a quality environment in which to reach them. According to an internal LinkedIn study, over 46% of B2B advertisers surveyed said this was a top challenge when running video campaigns on other platforms.

Today, Linked in announced two major updates that let you use sight, sound and motion to tell more compelling stories: video for Sponsored Content and Company Pages. These offerings build on the momentum of member video, which we launched in August.

This is big news for sponsored content

Native video ads represent the next evolution of LinkedIn Sponsored Content that lets you engage with business decision-makers throughout the buyer’s journey on Linkedin. Unlike pre- or post-roll video ads, video for Sponsored Content lives directly in the news feed as a standalone post.

Video for Sponsored Content helps you achieve marketing objectives across the funnel by:

  • Building brand awareness by telling rich, visual stories in the premium context of LinkedIn
  • Driving qualified traffic to your desktop or mobile website, and
  • Collecting high-quality leads with a persistent “call to action” button or through our integrated Lead Gen Forms product.

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