Marketing Action Planning System (MAPS™)

Marketing Action Planning System (MAPS™)

Clarity Marketing Support helps B2B companies develop and implement programs, systems and processes that produce incoming opportunities.

MAPS™ is our lean, modular planning system that quickly gets to the core of any issues that are blocking and/or limiting growth.

Refined over the course of thousands of planning and implementation assignments with some of the world’s leading brands, MAPS™ is a proven methodology based on sound business principles, experience and specialized knowledge.

Marketing is a decision-making process not a series of projects.

decision-process-graphic-largeMAPS aligns with the general decision making process you already use in your business.

  • Assess the situation
  • Identify Mission Critical Problems
  • Develop Action Plan(s)
  • Implement strategies


Clarity facilitates executive and sales teams using MAPS™
Using the MAPS framework, Clarity Marketing Support consults with client teams in an inclusive, collaborative atmosphere bringing an objective point of view and a disciplined system to bear on marketing and sales pipeline issues. MAPS delivers clear action plans with defined time-lines and actions.

Modular system adaptable to large and small enterprises
MAPS is a set of self contained processes that address every step of the marketing planning process. Clients can implement an individual MAP or engage the full MAPS framework as they require. Contact Clarity to Learn More.

  1. Gap Analysis
    Define and prioritize your Mission Critical Problems.
  2. Customer Intelligence
    Tap into the mind of your best customers.
  3. Competitive Intelligence
    Reconnaissance to identify weaknesses.
  4. Industry Intelligence
    Predict future trends and identify opinion leaders.
  5. Strategic Analysis
    Synthesize inside and outside data into Action Plans
  6. Creative Strategy
    Structured creative brainstorming with defined outcomes.
  7. Tactical Strategy
    Optimized media and tactics with metrics
  8. Tactical Schedule
    Month by month detailed schedule of marketing activities

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More of the right opportunities. Why wouldn’t you start now?
Contact Clarity Marketing Support, Inc. for a free MAPS Session.  You’ll experience how MAPS brings clarity and provides a clear path to more of the right opportunities.





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