Our team of nationally recognized marketing experts help you develop messaging, branding and differentiators that inspire and motivate people to choose your solution over another option.

We help clients create clear positioning strategies that enhance value, differentiate and create competitive advantages.

  • Are you concerned that your current messaging doesn’t communicate the true value of your offering?

  • If you ask ten employees to articulate your value proposition, would you get ten different answers?

  • Are you struggling to find the right language and methods to communicate your true value to customers?

  • Has your business changed and now your messaging no longer aligns with your offering?


We collaborate with your team to develop a messaging and positioning strategy for your company, brand, product or service.


The main focus of the MASTER MESSAGING BRANDPLAN is to enhance the perception of value associated with your company/brand/offering. 


We’ll help you reframe, redefine and reimagine your brand, messaging and/or positioning strategies to better match the primary concerns of your buyers in their own  language.


The outcome is a clear positioning and differentiation strategy that tips the competitive playing field significantly in your direction. 


Perception is everything.


The MASTER MESSAGING BRANDPLAN helps you take control of how prospects and customers see your offering. We deliver recommendations including bold images and text, structural and specific ways to improve your communication to the market. 


We will facilitate your team, provide objective feedback and research and lead strategic sessions to help uncover your Quintessential Uniqueness and help you wordsmith language and images that align with your customers’ value perception.

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We believe you should know everything about what you are buying. You can get more detail on THE MASTER MESSAGING BRANDPLAN including pricing, examples of creative work, team time requirements, deliverables and much more by downloading our handy PDF Guide.


  • Phase one 5 - 10 days*

    Rapid Situational Analysis

  • Phase Two 7-10 days*

    Market Intelligence

  • Phase Three 3 - 5 days*

    Collaborative Strategy Sessions

  • Phase Four 1 days

    Comprehensive Reccommendations

*Timeframes dependent upon client availability, approvals, payment and may vary. 


"Finally I've found a marketer who does what they say they will do, understands sales and how business works. Clarity is like a breath of fresh air at a garlic convention..."

Selected clients

Rapid situational Analysis

We will deep-dive into your organization’s current and past marketing efforts, data, plans, past research, sales decks, advertising, and much more. 


We want to make sure we understand what makes your company tick, what’s working and what’s not. We want to know how you sell, who your customers are, your objectives, what you’ve tried before, what research you’ve done, and much more. 


We do this through a series of structured, facilitated tele-conferences, a review of existing materials via Dropbox, email and phone calls as needed. 



In Phase Two we deliver insight into what your customers care about most and how they make decisions with regard to choosing your solution over other options. We deliver up-to-the-minute competitive intelligence to see how you fit into the market landscape and look for opportunities to stand out. 


If you think you might want to work with us, it’s a good idea to check our FAQ to see if we are a fit. 


"Monfre's team has kept up with the tools and technology while bringing a solid foundation in marketing and sales theory, practices and methodologies. Add decades of real-world experience to the mix and there is no doubt how Clarity Marketing Support has stayed in business continually for so long. Highly recommend. "


We work with your teams (internal and external) and leadership to create buy-in with stakeholders, analyze the data gathered in the previous two phases and perform structured brainstorming to uncover new ideas. 


Our team will bring all the information together, hunker down in our studio and put together specific options developed for your company, offerings, customers and market. We never use boilerplate and we only work with U.S. based employees and contractors. 




Our team will deliver specific recommendations in plain language, with creative direction, comprehensive layouts using images and specific copy with implementation guidelines. 


Every assignment is different and includes different deliverables. Download the detailed description or reach out and we can answer your questions in person.


"I worked with Pete to re-align our product line of safety equipment after a shake up in the corporate suites. My first call after assuming the role of President was to call Clarity. Pete and his team hit the ground running and created the highest performing demand strategy in the history of the company. I've since worked with them on other clients with the same results."


We believe you should know as much as possible before you decide to hire us. Learn more about THE MASTER MESSAGING BRANDPLAN including: how it works, detail on each phase, pricing and more

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