Download Referral One Sheet Template

When I hear someone say that referrals are what drives their business, I often ask if they use “Networking” as a business development tactic. Often they are fairly active in some form of networking but not seeing any real business impact unless you are measuring in waistline diameter from hundreds of coffee shop meetings.

Don’t get me wrong here. I always enjoy rocking the Panara (they have cupcakes the size of your head) with my colleagues to compare stories, get inspired and think in new ways. I’m suggesting we should all do ourselves a favor and make sure each party walks away with a solid understanding of how they can spot business opportunities for each other – not in a “quid pro quo” sort of way – more like “pay it forward” sort of way.

I started thinking of a tool to use for these meetings and have created a template that structures key questions and issues that define what an opportunity looks like as well as your positioning, customer profile, specialization, services, etc. Back in the day, this was known as a “capabilities” piece, but I have updated it to reflect a tool for generating referrals.

I offer a template below you can use to organize your capabilities and quickly communicate how you solve problems and deliver value to customers. This format is designed for B2B companies.

A Good One Sheet Should Include:

  • Strong positioning statement: this line should sum up your value proposition.
  • Client or Customer Profile: Your target market – who buys your services or products
  • How we work: How you engage customers or clients
  • Key Questions: Things people can listen for that may indicate an opportunity.
  • Experience: A few bullet points to bolster credibility
  • (optional) Preferred referral methods: I prefer in person or email introductions. Your preferences might be different.
  • Contact information: Keep it simple and give people options.
  • Industry experience: For B2B companies, it is very helpful for people to know the industries in which you’ve worked. This section may vary if you don’t specialize by industry vertical.

Need help creating a one sheet for your business? We can help. Schedule yourself on our calendar by clicking here.

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