Remember that barefoot cobbler?

You know the one. He was so busy making shoes for his customers that he went around with his little piggies sticking out all over the place. Well, I’ve joined the Club of the Stubbed Toe myself lately. As 2010 winds down, I’ve had a great year and, like Dick Clark at 12:01am, my own marketing has come to a grinding halt. No blogging. No Facebooking. No Tweets. No networking. No selling. For about three months.

You would think that all hope is lost. Not so fast. By unplugging myself from the constant marketing any good marketing consultant should be doing, I’ve been able to step back and see the effect that my tireless promotional efforts have really had on my business. Instead of my phone going silent, a steady stream of opportunities continues to flow in. Weird.

Another added benefit of my temporary sabbatical? My head is clear. My ideas are flowing and I’ve lost some hair. (Not sure that the hair loss is marketing related – but you never know…)

Does this mean I can stop writing these pithy and clever articles? Nope. But it does prove that marketing efforts resemble a flywheel. Done right, over time, this flywheel has momentum. One can take the bare foot off the gas for a short time and the wheel keeps turning. It doesn’t just instantly grind to a halt.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that I’ve been hitting it hard, day in and day out for over seven years. This is what makes the flywheel effect work. One shot promotions don’t get it spinning – only a long term focus works.

Soon I will be posting fascinating tidbits on Twitter (“I’m eating a sandwich!”) and whiling away my hours locating old girlfriends on Facebook. I’ll be asking provocative questions on LinkedIn and composing short bursts of brilliance on this blog. I’ll also be making some new shoes with very thin soles so I can feel the ground under my feet.

But it will have to wait until tomorrow. I still have one day left of vacation.

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