Rule #3 of Marketing: Consistency

In the buyer’s mind, consistency = quality. The rule of consistency can be applied to many functional areas in a business. When it comes to marketing a consistent message, consistently delivered to the right people will pay dividends.

Think of it this way. Drip marketing works because it delivers multiple “touches” over time. Consistent, high quality touches repeated over time. The medium might change (email, printed, on-line, publicity, advertising, etc.) but the net effect is the perception of omnipresence.  

“Wow, I’ve been seeing ABC company everywhere. They must be really good”. How many times have you said that? If you are like me, when I catch myself saying that sort of thing I remind myself that just because they are active doesn’t mean they are better. Luckily the majority of people aren’t as cynical as I, so they just believe you must be that good.

The way you use your logo, colors and other graphic elements are an opportunity to be consistent. If you take your sales materials, ads, web site, and other marketing communications and lay them out on a table, do they look like a single, cohesive, successful company? Or does it look like chaos? Consistent look and feel for outward facing communications sends a message about your company. What message are you sending?

I’m not talking about making everything flashy and fancy. I’m talking about delivering a seamless experience for a prospect as you move them through the sales process to become a customer.

Consistency sends a message and drives the perception of credibility, quality and value.

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