Rule #4 of Marketing: Persistence

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard people say “We mailed a brochure one time and we didn’t get a single lead. That’s why we don’t mail anything anymore.” These otherwise talented individuals are breaking the law of persistence. Think about it: there is a person out there who needs your product or service and you need to reach them to get your marketing message through and, with luck get on the short list. But you have no idea when this need will become active. The rule of Persistence is key.

Today’s buyer is bombarded with marketing messages and they’ve put up a wall to keep you out. They delete email without looking at it. They don’t read ads. They have gatekeepers. You are one of thousands of companies vying for this buyer’s attention. If the old adage is that it takes seven contacts to make a sale then I’d say that it’s now 10 (or more) contacts – and those better be relevant, high quality contacts.

Persistence and Consistency are the currency of marketing effectiveness. Strive to be ever present (see the Rule of Concentration above) among people most likely to buy. Commit to marketing as an ongoing process not a series of events.


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