Sell more, faster and enjoy the ride by taking the driver’s seat.

We don’t do “sales training” – that sounds like something you would force upon particularly smart dogs. Nope. That’s just wrong. There is such a better way.

I’ll show you how to take the driver’s seat when working with a prospect to find common ground and have an authentic business conversation.

We don’t believe in “slick moves” and special manipulations to trick prospects. Instead, we teach a transparent, honest and ethical approach that focuses on whether or not the prospect is a match instead of a focus on “closing the deal”. (Nobody likes to be “closed” – our prospects close themselves.)

Our approach is 180° different from traditional selling is is tailored for B2B products and services.

We can show you how to:

   •   Shorten and accelerate the sales cycle
   •   Integrate LinkedIn automation the right way
   •   Trade “sales interactions” for “authentic, low pressure conversations”
   •   Determine pain, budget and decision process in one meeting
   •   “Reprogram” your team’s “head trash” to easily talk money and value”
   •   And More

“You can’t teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar…” David Sandler

Our approach isn’t a seminar or workshop. It incorporates on-going, on-demand pre-call planning, role playing and post-call/meeting debriefs with monthly training sessions to build strong habits and behaviors that build strong sales organizations.

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Are you Ready to Take the Wheel?

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