Seriously, why bother?

What would it have taken to simply paint over the previous sign or get a new piece of plywood? Want to know why 90% (depending on who you talk to) of businesses fail? Because 95% of people who start them are idiots. (all percentages are my personal estimate). I do like the message they are sending, something like:  “We are lazy, small and don’t care. In fact, we might just leave in the dead of night so we don’t want to invest too much in a sign.”

Now I know that if you are reading this, you are in the 5% of people who get it. Perception is reality. At least get the basic stuff right. The storefront of a retail type business is a critical piece of how potential customers judge your value. I don’t work with these types of businesses, but the principle applies to every business. If you are not actively managing your firm’s perceptions – especially when it comes to trust, credibility and quality, things are going to be tough.

That means paying attention to every point of contact the outside world has with your company. You should always be asking yourself, “Does this (website, brochure, tradeshow booth, etc.) send the message that we are a top performing firm in our area of specialty?” If you can’t answer in the affirmative, you may want to raise the bar on your brand.

I know that VistaPrint does free business cards. I know that your cousin’s wife is pretty handy with FrontPage. You don’t have to tell me that budgets are tight. But at least make an effort to look and sound credible. Set the bar high at all points of contact, be consistent and watch your business grow.

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