Marketing Plans and Facilitation

Clarity Marketing Support works with client teams and leadership to quickly and efficiently develop marketing plans focused on lead generation for B2B clients. Our Marketing Action Planning System™ (MAPS) has been implemented thousands of times for hundreds of clients.

Before you start your process, let’s talk. We can take that burden off of your shoulders. Together, we will execute an organized, systematic approach to quickly determine what is working, what is not and deliver a clear path to sustainable growth.

Scattershot marketing is doomed to fail.  Everything starts with a plan.

We bring order to chaos using our proprietary rapid planning framework we call MAPS. Our approach is based on the work of Peter Drucker and has been refined over the course of three decades over thousands of assignments for hundreds of clients.  Our lean methods bring teams together in a compressed period of time to quickly determine how to attract and win more than your fair share of deals.

It’s not the plan, it’s the journey.

We deliver a complete marketing system including creative messaging, positioning, differentiation and detailed tactical plans. Our seasoned team of marketers will facilitate your leadership, marketing and sales teams to quickly uncover the missing key to the next level of revenue growth – guaranteed. Our approach is inclusive and we leave no stone unturned to find what works to reduce risks and start executing fast.

The Marketing Action Planning System is simple and fast.

  • We review your current and past marketing materials (plans, research, marketing materials, sales decks, email campaigns, advertising, etc.).
  • Schedule a 2-3 team workshop where we’ll facilitate an intense, inclusive discussion of what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, and more.
  • Once our strategy sessions are complete we deliver specific, written recommendations and a detailed plan you can use immediately to move forward.

How long does it take?

Typically it takes 60 days to complete the process. Some clients can move faster and others take longer. We do our best to make it easy for your team to collaborate with minimal disruption to workloads. In some cases, we host off-site sessions to minimize distractions. We ask lots of questions, stroke our beards, take lots of notes and guide the conversations to stay focused on what counts. MAPS is lean, fast and systematic. We rapidly discover hidden issues that are blocking growth and show you the path to overcoming them.

Is it worth a 30 minute exploratory call to see if we can help?

  • Are you frustrated with flat or declining growth?
  • Do you need more expertise than your budget allows?
  • Are you concerned your current team can’t deliver to your expectations?

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