On Demand Creative Services

We provide a full range of professional services ranging from digital marketing and publicity to email marketing, web development, branding and more. We work in all media and formats including print, on-line, video and mobile.

Our single source, flat fee approach simplifies execution of lead generation programs for B2B companies. We have a deep and wide bench of proven specialists at all price points to deliver the absolute best bang for the buck.

Need to get some projects done yesterday?

Clarity Marketing Support is known as a creative powerhouse. Our in-house and extended team works fast, we show up on time, deliver on budget and will never disappear.  We have produced work in all media for household names and smaller, growing companies. Our clients demand a higher level of experience and professionalism than they are currently receiving.

Full Stack Marketing Resource

Clarity Marketing Support has been providing creative and production services for clients for more than 25 years.  Our detailed knowledge of the many sub-disciplines of marketing save our clients money and allow us to be efficient with resources.

If it relates to marketing, we can demonstrate a track record of success:

  • Online marketing
  • Email marketing and lead generation
  • Media relations and publicity
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Web development
  • Advertising campaigns and ad development
  • Sponsorship strategies
  • Branding development and refinement
  • Trade show marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Logo Design and corporate identity
  • Branding and brand standards
  • Video production and podcasting
  • Event marketing
  • and more

It’s like having a full service agency on tap. Turn it on when you need it and turn it off when you don’t.

Why spend your time trying to locate specialized contractors when all it takes is one call to Clarity Marketing Support? From writers and web developers and graphic design to sophisticated app development, collateral, trade communications and more – we reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person. Our in-house skills are substantial and our bench of proven talent is indispensable.

Did you choose the wrong horse?

The most common scenario for our new clients is that they have an existing relationship with one or more firms, freelancers, agencies, et. al., and they are dissatisfied with the work and/or service. Each of these clients are looking for an upgrade in the level of professionalism, creativity and reliability of their creative and production team. That’s where we shine.


How do you work?

We work on a project basis in well defined sprints. We estimate all work for advance approval. Other times, companies pay a monthly fee for a guaranteed block of hours on projects that take longer than two months.

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How do I know you are for real?

You don’t. In fact, we don’t know you are for real either. We suggest an exploratory call and together we can decide.  You can self-schedule with Pete Monfre at https://calendly.com/pmonfre/30min-ws

Why not just hire my own team of specialists?

We can put a high performance team together faster at better lower costs because we already have a proven team and specialists at all price points. You will also get a single point of contact, advance quotes and the level of professionalism you deserve.

What is your sweet spot in terms of clients? 

Our track record is in Business to Business industries with specific experience in professional services, healthcare, home care, education, insurance, medical devices, entertainment, non-profits and technology companies. We’ve worked for mom and pop consulting firms, family run enterprises, closely held industrial companies – all the way up to the Fortune 100.

What do you charge? 

Our rates are competitive. However, if you are looking for the lowest price, we are probably not a match.  Most projects are done on a flat fee and we guarantee our work.

The easiest and fastest way to get a quote on a specific project is to Contact Us.