What We Do

We can help you develop a relevant, high impact messaging strategy that will help you cut through the clutter of the marketplace, position your company as a leader in its field and drive behavior. Whether you are a start-up seeking investment, a small B2B service provider or a leader in industry, we have the experience, track record and capability to move you forward.

Clarity Marketing Support translates your vision into simple, hard hitting messages and strategies that connect your value proposition to the gut level desires and needs of your target audiences.

  • Are you struggling with telling your story concisely?
  • Are you frustrated that people don’t seem to understand what makes you different?
  • Are you concerned that you might not be correctly aligned to your customer’s perceptions?

If you don’t hit the right hot buttons in the first 60 seconds of a pitch – you won’t be able to keep the prospect’s attention.

The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is attempting to persuade someone before they have satisfied this basic rule. We all do it. We have so much knowledge of our own business we can’t help but over share the details and inner workings of our offering. We assume we know what really matters to the recipient of our message based on what really matters to us. And these assumptions are almost always wrong.

Clarity Marketing Support can help you see your business from the customer’s eye.

We combine this in-depth understanding of your business with over two decades of experience to cut straight to the heart of your uniqueness and resonate with your audience. We’ll help you focus on what really counts and show you how to best communicate your message on-line, in person and everywhere.

Services include:

Marketing Coaching

Marketing Plan Development

Marketing Research

Web Development

Video Production

Design and Production of Printed Materials

Copy Writing






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