What One Big Thing makes you different and better than your prospect's other options?

Can you communicate this One Big Thing in under 5 seconds?


A friend of mine who runs a sizable consulting firm said to me,  “We don’t know how to talk to clients about what we do…all our competitors say the same things.” 


If you ran into a major prospect in an elevator, would you be able to articulate:


  • who you are
  • what problems you solve
  • for whom
  • and what makes you different


In under 5 seconds? I bet not. 


Reserve your place in this Master Marketing Series and you will. 


In this live, online Master Marketing Series, Pete Monfre shares his proprietary tools and exclusive processes his firm has used to help hundreds of clients develop a more competitive position, increase price points and separate them from the crowd.


You will learn how to perform competitive intelligence using public information with advanced Google search techniques to uncover how to beat them and win – even at a higher price. 


Live Session Plus ticket holders also receive:


  • Tool 1: Advanced Google Fu Cheat Sheet
  • Tool 2: Positioning templates and formats
  • Tool 3:  Enhanced Ideal Client Profile
  • Bonus 1: PDF of decks from sessions
  • Bonus 2: Two, 90 minute video recordings of the session
  • Bonus 3: An MP3 audio file of the sessions


We will share how we have helped household brands and smaller, growing clients change the rules of engagement by developing a clear positioning strategy that puts them on a different level than competing companies and offerings. 


Proven approach


Pete Monfre has helped hundreds of clients gain a competitive edge using proprietary tools developed and proven over thousands of assignments for hundreds of clients. 


You don’t have to pay consultants tens of thousands of dollars to do the work of developing a clear and concise positioning strategy.  We will show you how and you’ll do the work during the two week break between sessions 


Monfre will share his tools and techniques with you in this two part Master Marketing Series where he leads you step by step through the process of gathering competitive intelligence and forging the positioning statement – the guiding language that encapsulates your value and what makes you different. 


"After working with Pete we were able to double our pricing. It was foundational information we lacked. We have now a clear position in our market...”

"Finally an online workshop that isn’t just fluff. Monfre packs in value and walks you through defining or redefining your best position in the market.”  

We call this your Quintessential Uniqueness™


If you are perceived as a “me too” business, the only thing upon which a prospect can evaluate your offering is price. And that is a rough place to be. 


What you’ll learn:


  • How to find your competitors’ weakness and exploit them to win more deals
  • Advanced search techniques to uncover competitor marketing plans, stats, secrets and much more
  • How to develop a crystal clear position in your market that makes other solutions obsolete
  • How to tilt the playing field so far to your favor, your customers will see your offering as the definitive standard and more valuable than other options
  • How to create an Enhanced Ideal Client Profile (EICP)


The key to making competitors obsolete is being clearly different. So different that the prospect will not be able to compare your services with anyone else.

“As a business coach, I've never seen a tool set like Pete has developed for marketing. It makes it crystal clear what we need to do.”

Is this workshop series right for you? Do you:


  • Feel like you need to be the “low price leader” to win customers? 
  • Struggle to say what makes you worth your higher price? 
  • Want to pursue a premium priced strategy?
  • Have conflicting messages in your sales and marketing funnels?
  • Feel uncertain how to explain what makes you different? 


If you answered “yes” to one or more of those questions, you will get tremendous value from this Master Marketing Series. 


Understanding these principles is how Apple, Harley Davidson, Nike, Mercedes Benz and so many other brands are able to get top dollar for their offerings. These same principles apply to all businesses, large and small. 


Using the processes, tools and ideas taught in this Master Marketing Series you will be able to send the message that the prospect can only get your unique offering from you – and nobody else even comes close.


Who it’s for:


  • entrepreneurs and small businesses that sell services to other businesses
  • consulting firms
  • ad agencies
  • real estate agents and firms
  • design firms
  • digital marketing firms
  • web development agencies
  • management consultants
  • coaches
  • coaching firms
  • accountants
  • engineering firms
  • architecture
  • insurance brokers
  • benefits brokerages
  • infrastructure
  • commercial real estate
  • other business that sells services to other businesses



How it works


You will join a group of other business owners facilitated by Pete Monfre from his studio in Austin, Texas via Zoom. Participants will attend two, 1.5 hour sessions spaced two weeks apart to give you time to do competitive intelligence gathering. 


Session One: Sept. 29, 2022

(90 minute Zoom call) 


  • Review overall B2B marketing planning process
  • Why?
  • Introducing the Concept of Positioning
  • The Enhanced Ideal Client Profile (EICP)
  • How to perform competitive intelligence
  • The CONQUER™ matrix
  • Google Fu
  • Questions and Answers


Session Two: Zoom Call Oct. 3rd

(90 minute Zoom call) 

  • Interpreting results
  • Developing the positioning statement
  • Question and Answers
  • Wrap up discussion



Who is Pete Monfre?


Pete Monfre has consulted with hundreds of B2B clients from household brands including Harley Davidson, Kimberly Clark, GE and Abbott Laboratories to smaller, growing companies since 1990.


He is the founder of a multi-million dollar marketing agency as well as several other companies in education, entertainment and media. He now advises a limited number of clients from his studio in Austin, Texas while sharing what he has learned with thousands of others who have attended his workshops, training and speaking events.


He and his work have been featured in major media outlets including Forbes, Time, Inc. Magazine and Scientific American.


About The Marketing Action Planning System™ (MAPS)


Clarity Marketing Support’s proprietary Marketing Action Planning System™ (MAPS) has been implemented and refined from over a thousand implementations for a wide range of B2B companies in diverse industries. It is a systems-based, process for rapid decision making to reduce operational risk and bring more rigor to the marketing process.