Part 1: The problem with traditional selling.

I was killing it in the 90’s at my Milwaukee-based marketing firm. I led a small sales team to  bring in over six million collars a year for my agency. We were winning business away from larger agencies and taking prime accounts like Harley Davidson, Rockwell, Kimberly Clark and Eaton from these bigger, “more sophisticated” agencies. (that’s what I looked like at the time to the right).

Despite my youthful appearance, I was exhausted.

I worked seven days a week, twelve to fourteen hours a day. I had employee mouths to feed and a downtown office to match. I just accepted that the schedule came with the territory. This was the necessary evil called “sales”.

I read all the sales books. I soon noticed they were all similar. “It’s a numbers game.” “Never take ‘no’ for an answer” “Always be closing”. I built my company from zero and I accepted that “sales” was a brutal game. It was my job to be at the absolute mercy of prospects and clients.

They said “jump” and I said “how high?”

All of that changed when I learned concepts I share in Part Two of my video “Buyers are Liars: How to Take Control of the Sales Process.”

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    Are you:

    • Tired of chasing prospects down who ghost you?
    • Exhausted with selling and looking for a better way?
    • Wasting time with people who can say “no” but can’t say yes?

    If you answered yes, you’ll want to get a link to the video that introduces the framework we use to empower sales people and control the conversation. When I stumbled upon this information 15 years ago, it was like a bolt of lightning struck.

    In Part Two, I’ll show you how to:

    • Get 90% of ghosting prospects to call you back fast.
    • Reduce follow ups by 80%-90%
    • Map a path to the decision maker(s) within the first conversation
    • And more

    If you had asked me “Are you in control of your sales process?” back twenty years ago, I would have answered “Of course!”.  Except I didn’t even know I was actually being controlled by the buyer.

    Everything I did was in reaction to the buyer. Once I understood I was part of competing processes,  I realized I could control that process.

    Now I work with individuals and teams to change how they sell to be more effective, efficient and change selling from an evil necessity to a professional, predictable method.

    Our method combines the best ideas in modern selling and puts you in the driver’s seat.

    Have you ever had full dance card – but all of the wrong clients? The process I share in Part Two quickly replaced these low profit accounts with better, larger clients.

    What was a nightmare, is now an enjoyable pursuit that has me picking and choosing only the clients I want, on my terms. It is truly liberating to be in total control while truly serving my clients. Beyond just solving their problems, my clients become friends. More importantly, I’m in control of my time and attention.

    In Part Two of the video, I’ll show you an optimized, B2B sales process that will change your entire view of how you sell. Just give me some basic information to let me know who you are.  Don’t worry, you won’t get a pushy sales call.  My approach is the antithesis of this kind of thing.

    I’ll show you how to:

    • Shorten the sales cycle (yes, you do control it!)
    • Lower your selling costs
    • Cover more ground with fewer people
    • Qualify a prospect in an hour or less

    There is much more to this selling system than can be covered in a seminar, workshop or video. I work with individuals and teams on an ongoing basis to increase operational maturity in sales and marketing. Check out Part Two and decide for yourself if we should talk. Or connect with me on LinkedIn 

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