The Unblinking Eye of Lost Opportunity

I drove past one of those LASIK eye surgery places today on my way to a planning meeting and saw it. A giant photo of an eye in the front display window. In fact, the eye had me feeling like prey back in the days when getting eaten by a huge lizard was a definite possibility. As this mega eye stared into my soul I thought to myself “What a lost opportunity”.

You see, I have some interest in this sort of thing. I’ve helped many medical practices, dentists and eye surgery centers develop marketing programs and messaging. I wouldn’t advise a gastroenterologist to feature a giant photo of a belching mouth – or a proctology practice to feature a a doctor with an enormous middle finger?  That would just be wrong. But since there is no accounting for taste, the bigger issue is the opportunity this well-meaning business is losing.

Nobody wants to be reminded that these folks stick sharp objects into your EYES. They could have featured people (who fit their prime demographic) enjoying a full, joyous life since they can now see clearly and don’t have to wear glasses. They could have also included some copy with a concept that engages people’s emotions while featuring the phone number they might call to set up an appointment. Instead, a giant, unblinking, freaky eyeball.

It doesn’t matter how humongous eyes are, lost opportunity is a hidden cost. Are you maximizing every opportunity to bring in new customers and profits? Are you communicating with the gut level instincts of your buyers? Are you selling giant pairs of glasses?

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