This weeks most aggravating web sites

I was doing some research today (because that’s what I do) and came across two web sites for technology companies. (I say “technology companies because I still can’t figure out what they do) One company is relatively new so they get some slack for that. However, the other has been in business for several years and I know that it struggles to attract new clients. Both of these companies are so far off the mark with their web sites it keeps me up at night.

Why do I care? Because I know these companies have good products and services and really want to succeed. But the way they are attempting to communicate with the world completely defeats their desire to grow. It actually hurts them!

Here are my issues with these web sites

  1. Waaaaaaaay too much information. I know engineers love this stuff but there is a time and a place to barf eight million words about your gizmo or software thingy. Your home page is not the time or the place. The average web visitor spends just a couple minutes on your site. They need to know what you do, confirm you are “for real” and decide if they should talk to you. That’s it.
  2. These companies do everything for everyone. Not only will they whip up some software for you, they’ll walk your dog and do your laundry. These sites scream “For God’s sake we just need revenue and we’ll do anything to get it!” Not the strongest position in the world.
  3. They attempt to answer every question a visitor might have. Why would anyone contact you then? The idea should be to answer the visitors key questions (see #1 above) and give them a reason to contact you. As you progress through your sales process (you DO have one don’t you?) you can increase the amount and complexity of the information.
  4. One site has zero contact information! No phone number. No email address. No physical address. No teletype address. No P.O. Box. Nada.
  5. Both sites feature lots of diagrams that are supposed to illustrate what they do. These diagrams are massive jumbles of criss-crossing lines, seemingly random boxes and cryptic labels. I just want to know what your outcomes look like. I don’t need a technicial diagram of the space shuttle!

I’m not trying to be harsh or a know-it-all. I really want to help – to me this is low hanging fruit. Without engineers, we would be living in caves in gnawing on cold mastodon bones. But when it comes to marketing and selling, they are their competition’s greatest assets.

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