The Secret Marketing Voodoo Behind the Austin Blues Revue

I’m giving away all my secrets. Let me help you find your X-Factor and use your passion to leave your competitors in the dust. And I have numbers to back it up. 🙂

How do you create a serious buzz in a town full of buzz? The answer might surprise you. In this installment of A Moment of Clarity I show you how you can do the same for your business.

Clarity Marketing Support created and produces the Austin Blues Revue. Think of it like a lunch and learn on steroids. It’s a great example of how we think and, more importantly, how we execute.

In just 12 events, we have established the event series as an Austin institution, built a following in the most competitive music city in America and brought in six figures in new business to our firm. 

I don’t want to dilute the magic here – but that was exactly the goal when we started it. Of course we also give back to the music community by employing musicians and advocating for fair musician pay. The Revue is an example of Doing Well by Doing Good.

Think of it this way. There are a zillion (I’ve counted them) “marketing” firms in Austin, Texas. Besides music, it may be one of the most competitive fields in the city. If you were a marketing firm, needed to quickly expand your influence, move up into larger markets and be definitively and viscerally different from any other firm in the market – how would you do it?

The video above tells you the process – but what if music isn’t your thing? 

Perhaps you are in the financial services, insurance or legal industries. Or maybe you also have a professional services business. I have three decades of experience in those industries building multi-million dollar companies.

The X Factor does not have to be music.

However, if you dig down in your company culture and/or personal brand and find your passion, that can be the touchstone for a cutting edge marketing strategy. Whatever it might be, from supporting performing arts or classic cars or education and social issues, to drinking scotch, as long as your passion is authentic, you can use it as a tool to raise your visibility and create a strong point of differentiation for your company.

Let me show you how to discover your X Factor and spin it into a unique and cost effective strategy (our return on investment in the event series has been over 500%) to put some real distance between you and your competitors.

Here is my offer.  Schedule a free, 30 minute huddle with me and let’s see if the foundational concepts behind The Austin Blues Revue might work for you. I’m an open book and the approach isn’t for everyone.

Click this link to book a time on my calendar. Yes. I want to find my X Factor. 

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