What is a GAP and Why Should You Care?

In this short article, I explain what a GAP is and how these often hidden issues can make the difference between success and failure.


A GAP is an issue that is inhibiting, blocking or otherwise insufficient for a company to meet its goals and objectives. Much of the time, these issues are hidden or are known but not addressed for various reasons.

MAPS™ Gap Analysis looks at three primary categories – Information, People and Process. Over thousands of implementations we have found that almost all problems fall under one or more of these three categories.

If money is the lifeblood of companies, Information is the nutrition. Many companies make significant strategic decisions based on outdated, biased or scarce information. (With regard to marketing, this information can be put in three categories as well – Customer, Competitor, Industry)

People are the organization’s nervous system and brain. Gaps related to human resources vary and can include the wrong people in the wrong positions, people that can’t or won’t follow a process, lack of manpower, mismatched skill sets and many more.

Almost every business problem can be traced back to the process with which decisions are made; whether that is a lack of process (seat of the pants) or inefficient processes, incorrect process for the objective, or too much focus on process instead of objectives. Process is the skeleton of an organization.

Most of the time obstacles to growth combine these categories. For example,  A company might have the wrong people in the wrong positions working with little information and poor process.

Having a clear process to find hidden GAPS, prioritize and align with objectives and determine the most efficient way to close these GAPS is crucial to driving sales and revenue.

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