Worst Business Emails Ever. Why Email Marketing Doesn’t Work.

(Hint: You are doing it wrong) In this short video I tear up a handful of real emails I received and I show no mercy.

I’ve had so many clients and prospects tell me “Email doesn’t work for us.” They say it with the conviction of a Jehovah’s Witness at Burning Man because, as far as they know, it’s true. Email doesn’t work for their business.

In fact, it is rare that I meet a prospect who is successfully using email to generate leads. What is going on here? Email marketing is a massive industry – it must be working for someone.

In fact, it’s likely you are here because of an email. (if you ended up here by other means, you are welcome but in the minority!). Email absolutely works for B2B companies and in the video above, I show you why most email fails miserably.

Ultimately there are several reasons for failure. Most commonly, poor targeting combined with messaging that is all “me, me, ME!” kills email response. I did a podcast like this one, that basically says “people DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU.”

They only care about themselves. They care about their challenges and how you might solve them. What they don’t care about is:

  • How awesome your company is
  • A list of the great things you do
  • How cool the CEO’s birthday bash was last week
  • That you are dying to meet or talk with them
  • About your products and services

Another huge issue is grammar. Everyone makes mistakes, but if your email reads as if it was written by a third grader, you will likely get little response.

In the video, I rip apart several emails I received over the week that are absolute violations of my inbox. They are but a few examples of thousands of emails I receive every year that are the spamiest of spam.

I did redact the names and companies to be somewhat polite. If you want me to review your email campaigns to see how we can improve the response, I’ll be honest, but a bit more diplomatic. I’ll give you specifics no matter if you work with us officially or not.

We’ve been writing and delivering B2B email campaigns since Al Gore invented the Internet. (Not kidding – when we first started our company, the “world wide web” didn’t exist. The personal computer barely had a foothold!)

Over the course of thousands of campaigns, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. I only wish we might have saved some of the agony our clients suffered before they met us.

Get a free email review (I’ll be nice…) by clicking here to send me….wait for it….an email! Send me a few examples of what you are sending and I’ll follow up with an analysis in a few days. You don’t have to hire me to take advantage of this offer. It’s our way of cleaning up everyone’s inbox!

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