How to waste money on advertising

What can I say? I saw a good sized print ad in the local paper. It was totally wrong headed. It was fluffy. Its voluminous size dwarfed by its sheer misunderstanding of how to make advertising work.

How could I not make fun of it?

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Viral Brilliance Defined

The guys at Emergent Order have done something amazing and it’s not just the videos. They have proven that viral marketing is possible if you make something topical, entertaining and dazzling. Even more interesting to me is how the high production value viral component has driven significant traffic to a series of other videos that are essentially well produced talking heads. In other words, they engage and entertain people with the big video and then educate them on the follow up. These guys are going to change the world. [youtube d0nERTFo-Sk]

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Making Facebook sing with IFrames

I talked to my friend Steve Golab at FG Squared the other day and we both got hot and bothered by a new development at Facebook that looks like it’s going to completely change the face of the ubiquitous personal networking site. The details are a little technical so I will attempt to explain this development in terms anyone can understand. Basically, you can now make Facebook bend to your will inserting just about any functionality (e-commerce, entire web sites, blogs, whatever) right into your company or personal page. So what you say. Facebook is for teenage wienies and creepy guys stalking past girlfriends. So why is this such a big deal?

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Creativity: Thy Name is Powerhouse

I get a lot of promotional emails in my inbox. I know, you’re stunned. You know the kind – “We are the best.” “You can’t survive without us.” “Viagra!”. Like you, I’m like a ninja with the delete key, tossing these zero value missives into the trash can like Rosie O’Donnell tosses cheeseburgers down her gullet. But today, some of my faith in the power of email was restored! My friends over at Powerhouse Animation poked my brain with a delightful, hilarious, snide and perfectly executed little promo that shows what can be done with the medium – and reminds us that we shouldn’t take ourselves (or our marketing) too seriously. We need to have some fun. Push it a little. And seriously kick ass when it comes to execution.

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B2B People, Read This Book

I recently dug this up from an old collection of books I keep for some reason although that reason has long escaped me. I don’t remember setting out to be a library nor do I consider myself some kind of creepy bookworm. On the other hand, there are a number of books that have helped me sort out how marketing should work and Ogilvy On Advertising is one of the best. “Now wait a second, Pete. That book is about advertising – that’s different from marketing”, you will probably say to yourself as if I can hear you (I can’t). Clearly marketing and advertising are different disciplines – if you don’t think so, call me right now and I’ll straighten you out. Once you get the book, you’ll protest, “This is for big consumer brands – not for my (insert small tech company here) business.”. But you’d be wrong. Wrong,[…]

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