A marketing plan? You call that a marketing plan?


I can’t even count the number of times someone has told me “we have a marketing plan…” and then, when I see the “plan”…well, it’s not a plan.


Sometimes it’s a spreadsheet of projected revenue with a chart shaped like a hockey stick. That’s not a marketing plan.


Sometimes it’s a list of stuff to do – also not a plan. (Even if the number of to-do items is 789 – still not a plan.)


So what’s in a plan? That’s what I’m covering today in this week’s episode of Tell the Truth.


This is important because if the marketing plan is not constructed with sections containing certain information, it may be some kind of plan, but it’s not a marketing plan.


The B2B marketing plan must include some standard sections of information IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO EXECUTE THE PLAN.


Without these sections (objectives, anyone? Bueller? target market? hello? [cough] messaging? Is this thing on?) teams can’t execute – or execute poorly because everyone has a different objective, definition of the target, message, etc.


In this podcast I share the 16 elements that are mandatory in a marketing plan…if you want a successful marketing effort.