Retooling Sales and Marketing for Tech Company

About the Client

Quest Technologies, a 3M company, is a world class manufacturer and leader in the field of occupational safety, industrial hygiene, and environmental instrumentation. 


Client challenge

Quest Technologies needed to update its image, refine its positioning, and develop an advertising strategy to drive leads for their world class safety equipment. 

clarity's solution

Clarity developed new advertising and a comprehensive trade show marketing program.  Our plan leveraged a direct marketing strategy to drive add-on sales. Working closely with the president and the company’s internal marketing team, we executed these programs.

Client Outcome

The client’s product launch delivered the most pre-orders for the products in company history. We transformed a dying product line to a thriving offering. Our work increased revenues 78% on this product line over the course of 24 months. The founder credited our work for helping increase the company’s valuation by 185% on exit.