Transforming an Electronics Manufacturer

About the Client

Cramer is a leading designer and manufacturer of switching power magnetics (also known as transformers) and other electronic components. 


Client challenge

This U.S. based manufacturer faced growing competition overseas and domestically on its line of compact transformers that was eroding the company’s sales. 


Due to limited resources, it also needed to evaluate it’s manufacturing capabilities to find a way to use its existing tooling and facilities to develop more competitive offerings. 

clarity's solution

Clarity was tapped to provide advisory services and to develop the company’s first integrated sales and marketing plan to battle globalization, and fuel growth.


Clarity provided ongoing guidance to the executive team as well as market research to realign the company’s capabilities and offerings to be more competitive and “future-proof” the company.

Client Outcome

Working with the executive and engineering teams, we analyzed the market and production capabilities of the client.


We discovered that we could make slight changes to the company’s tooling to focus on very large transformers and electrical components that were too expensive for Chinese competitors to ship.


The client was able to exploit this weaknesses in their overseas competition, and it retooled its production lines to move away from small components. These changes led to an increase in revenue of over 64% with an increase in profitability of 23% over an 18 month period.