Generating 100’s of Leads for Benefits Company During COVID

About the Client

Clarity Marketing Support helped rebrand this benefits brokerage, develop and implement a comprehensive marketing plan and positioning strategy. 


Client challenge

CuatroBenefits split from it’s parent company and needed a plan for both marketing and sales. The company also needed someone to manage marketing over time to drive more leads. 

clarity's solution

Clarity worked directly with the founder to develop and implement a comprehensive marketing plan.


Our team developed a fresh corporate identity including logo, branding guide and marketing plan based on customer and competitive intelligence.


We also provided web development, email marketing, social media, webinars and marketing automation while delivering ongoing advisory services and performance tracking.

Client Outcome

Clarity’s plan and execution drove more qualified leads in 2020 than in the history of the company. Due to our non-disclosure agreement, more details are not available.