Saved over $1.2m for telecom

About the Client

HelloEarth is a telecommunications platform for long distance calling where customers can call around the world no matter the network or location.


Client challenge

A long established telecom company came to Clarity Marketing Support to develop a new GTM strategy and branding for it’s struggling communications platform. 

clarity's solution

Clarity Marketing Support  facilitated a series of strategy meetings and implemented our ROI modeling service on one of the company’s product lines.


As part of our initial engagement, we updated the company’s overall marketing and advertising strategies including a comprehensive corporate identity guide.

Client Outcome

Using our proprietary modeling process, we discovered that the licensing agreements the company had previously made would make profitability impossible and that, if the client continued operations it would lose at least $2m annually. 


While Clarity stood to benefit from a significant marketing budget, we advised this client to abandon the product if it could not renegotiate its licensing arrangements. 

The client disagreed with our findings and continued to promote the application taking their business to a different agency. 


Instead of wasting their money and padding our pockets, we told the truth.


This client ultimately shut down this part of the business but not before losing millions of dollars.