Breaking Through the Shields. (Russian Brides, SPAM and Value)

In the last article we talked about how people have developed a defense mechanism to fend off the constant bombardment of marketing messages as a simple survival strategy.

To get through your buyer’s defense shield you must be invited in. The only way to be invited in is to answer the question “What’s in it for me?” (“me” being your potential customer).

There are only two ways to motivate someone to act. One is by force. The other is by demonstrating to them that the action you desire is in their best interest – that it fulfills a need or provides clear benefit to the customer. In marketing speak, we call call this “value”.

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B2B People, Read This Book

I recently dug this up from an old collection of books I keep for some reason although that reason has long escaped me. I don’t remember setting out to be a library nor do I consider myself some kind of creepy bookworm. On the other hand, there are a number of books that have helped me sort out how marketing should work and Ogilvy On Advertising is one of the best. “Now wait a second, Pete. That book is about advertising – that’s different from marketing”, you will probably say to yourself as if I can hear you (I can’t). Clearly marketing and advertising are different disciplines – if you don’t think so, call me right now and I’ll straighten you out. Once you get the book, you’ll protest, “This is for big consumer brands – not for my (insert small tech company here) business.”. But you’d be wrong. Wrong,[…]

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