Eat Your Vegetables.

My friend Matt Shultz sums up marketing strategy thusly.

Everyone wants to eat their dessert first.

We all love the sexy stuff of marketing dessert – web sites, brochures, videos, etc.

But nobody wants to eat their vegetables.

Marketing strategy is the vegetables.

If you want a healthy sales program, you have to eat your vegetables.

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It’s Not the Plan. It’s the Journey.

Forget about those binders full of data. Focus on the journey to get the real value of planning. In this video I talk about the real reason you need a marketing execution plan. This week’s Moment of Clarity is a humdinger if I do say so myself.

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Your Business is a System

In this week’s Moment of Clarity I share my thoughts on how seeing your business as a system can help you improve and grow your business.

About fifteen years ago I completely disassembled an old Corvette I bought in a fit of bad judgment at a swap meet. Every bolt. Every washer. Every piece of wire.

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