Email Marketing

Nobody cares about you.

In this Smash Podcast I tell you the cold hard truth about prospects that you need to accept so you can start reaching them with more relevant messages and calls to action that actually work.

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Final Notice. Please, God, let it be true.

You may have noticed (or perhaps you didn’t) that I took a break from blogging for a bit. OK, a long bit. I just needed to clear my head and didn’t think I really had anything of value to add. But lucky for you (or not) I’m back at it and full of piss and vinegar. (not much vinegar, really). So what hot poker of stupidity has prompted this triumphant return to the blogosphere? Idiocy in email form. I sometimes wonder what goes through the heads of people who use email marketing thinking they can trick us. Note to spammers: we are not that stupid. Note to one Eric Johnson (if that is your real name) from some joint called “D3 Intelligence” in Seattle Washington (oh irony…) I don’t know what “D3” stands for. I can only guess it’s Dumbass to the third power. So what offense has this guy[…]

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