Your Business is a System

In this week’s Moment of Clarity I share my thoughts on how seeing your business as a system can help you improve and grow your business.

About ten years ago I completely disassembled an old Corvette I bought in a fit of bad judgment at a swap meet. Every bolt. Every washer. Every piece of wire.

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Viral Brilliance Defined

The guys at Emergent Order have done something amazing and it’s not just the videos. They have proven that viral marketing is possible if you make something topical, entertaining and dazzling. Even more interesting to me is how the high production value viral component has driven significant traffic to a series of other videos that are essentially well produced talking heads. In other words, they engage and entertain people with the big video and then educate them on the follow up. These guys are going to change the world. [youtube d0nERTFo-Sk]

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Where are your future knowledge workers? In elementary school right now.

I believe the person who cures cancer, solves the energy problem or invents the next insanely great thing is in elementary school right now. Over 90% of these bright young minds enter elementary school with a passion for science and an insatiable curiosity about their world. By the time they reach 7th grade, it is barely above 30%. That is a loss of 60% of America’s future innovators before they even reach high school. I think that is unacceptable so I’m willing to do something about it. [youtube -IqIe9wZe24]

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Web video done right.

A few weeks ago, I worked with my friend Amy Hardin to create a series of short web videos. Here’s the result. It got me thinking about web video since I get asked at least once a week about how to do it or why. So here’s my easy guide to on-line video. But first, see how it’s done. [youtube wdfoDtBUClM]

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Making Facebook sing with IFrames

I talked to my friend Steve Golab at FG Squared the other day and we both got hot and bothered by a new development at Facebook that looks like it’s going to completely change the face of the ubiquitous personal networking site. The details are a little technical so I will attempt to explain this development in terms anyone can understand. Basically, you can now make Facebook bend to your will inserting just about any functionality (e-commerce, entire web sites, blogs, whatever) right into your company or personal page. So what you say. Facebook is for teenage wienies and creepy guys stalking past girlfriends. So why is this such a big deal?

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How to know when you might need marketing help.

So I’m sitting with a client and he shows me an industry magazine that includes a feature article on one of his competitors. It’s one of those Q&A format articles where they post a question and the subject of the article answers – usually in a different font and/or color. In this case, I believe it was Comic Sans. Snappy questions like: “How did you get started in this business?” And “What is your greatest achievement?” But the one I really liked was the question “What three words describe you?”. Actually, I liked the answer much more than the question. The president of this company replied with three simple words – “Anal, anal, anal.” Now that’s marketing genius right there. If I were their consultant of choice, I would have covered this possibility in our first meeting together. It would have gone something like this:

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