How to Sell Expertise

In today's podcast I'm talking to my friend, colleague and coach Jim Cathcart about how to make the leap from a cog in an employer's machine to a seller of knowledge and expertise.

Jim Cathcart is a heavy hitting author, consultant, speaker, coach and in today’s episode we talk about taking the leap from employee to expert – how to make the leap faster, get it to market and sell the intangible.


1. Decide what you want. This is a hard one for everyone. Jim knew what he wanted in his early 20’s. For the rest of us, it happens much later and with a lot of help. If you don’t really know what you want, you can find people who will help you systematically identify Your Thing™ upon which to build a thought leadership strategy and offering


2. Most people underestimate their expertise. Right now, you are an expert in something. You just don’t know it. Or you’ve been conditioned to always feign humility or you aren’t confident – but you are an expert more than you know.


Sales is not sales. It’s problem solving. Forget about used car salesmen in plaid suits. That’s not selling. You likely solve sticky problems all day long at your job. There is an almost 100% chance others have that same problem and will gladly pay you to solve it.


4. Relationships require deliberate work. Just because you know someone doesn’t mean you have a relationship. That takes time and effort. Mostly it means bringing “no strings attached” value right from the start. It means engaging more people and putting yourself out there.


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